He's on FireSeptember 4, 2015

10 things hotter at the moment than Jason Day

As if winning three of his past four tournaments, including a 63-62 weekend showing at last week's Barclays, wasn't good enough for Jason Day, the 27-year-old has started the Deutsche Bank Championship with three straight birdies.

Day is making such a mockery of the game that player of the year honors, once a foregone conclusion, is suddenly a conversation. Not saying he should grab this title from Jordan Spieth, but that fact that it's even a discussion is testament to the Aussie's late-season streak.

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Which got us thinking: Is there anything hotter than Jason Day at the moment? The list is short, but distinguished:

  • Roger Goodell reading Judge Berman's Deflategate ruling.

  • Dallol, Ethiopia, which owns the record high average temperature for an inhabited location. (Hey, even if you don't like this post, at least you learned something, right?)

  • Jennifer Lawrence. Apparently it's a Buzzfeed mandate to have at least one "OMG Jennifer Lawrence did (blank) and won the Internet!!!" piece on the site at all times.

  • The Weekend's "I Can't Feel My Face." Although I've never heard this song, apparently it's been the No. 1 tune on Billboard's Top 100 all summer. I'm getting old.

  • Serena Williams. Not that you'd know she's about to pull off the greatest season in tennis or anything. Because why breakdown this history when you can get 10 minutes of "What does the future hold for RGIII?" every night on sports shows.

  • Mr. Robot. I still have no idea what the hell is going on in that show, but it's damn good. I think, at least.

  • Jim Harbaugh watching tape of his Michigan quarterback tossing three interceptions.

  • Joey Votto. Man is rocking a .576 OBP in the second half!

  • Margot Robbie.

  • Star Wars. I'm told there's a new movie coming out in December. Call me crazy, but I bet ya that does OK at the box office.


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