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Medicus introduces Pure Strike, 5 keys to a better swing

June 26, 2012

The Medicus, contrary to those hopelessly unable to keep the hinge or hinges from breaking down, was not designed to flummox anyone, but in the event this popular and best-selling training has, the company has introduced a solution.

"Pure Strike: 5 Simple Keys to Consistency" is a DVD collection the company calls "arguably the next significant advance in golf instruction."

Bob Koch, founder of Medicus, designed the program (with assists from Medicus master instructors Chuck Evans and Dave Wedzik) based on five elements it claims every successful golfer from Bobby Jones to Tiger Woods has in common.

Its five keys, one on each of five DVDs in the set, are:

-- A steady head. "Data shows that the average PGA Tour player moves his heads only one inch during the swing."

-- Weight forward. "Eighty percent of a right-hander's weight should be on the left foot at impact."

-- Flat left wrist. "Prevents the golfer from 'flipping the ball.'"

-- Diagonal Sweet Spot Path. It has to do with keeping the club on plane throughout the swing and delivering the clubface's sweet spot to the golf ball.

-- Clubface control. The movement of the clubface from the takeaway to the follow-through.

The DVDs sell for $99 and are available at

-- John Strege