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Ogio introduces durable, lightweight golf bags

October 01, 2012

Lightweight is the objective in carry bags (and even cart bags), but how light is too light? "There's a danger zone that if you go too light it starts falling apart," said Tom Glocke, global vice president of Ogio.

Ogio has just introduced its Endurance Lightweight Collection -- four men's, two women's cart and carry bags -- that reached for the optimum combination of lightweight and durable. The Nebula (shown above), for instance, weighs in at a scant 3.8 pounds, even with a 10-inch top.

"We really try to walk the line between still being very quality and lightweight," Gocke said. "It's become an art figuring out how to build lightweight without giving up tensile strength. We went to nylon instead of a poly for these bags, and what we found is the strength and durability per weight is excellent on this material. It's actually the same material they use for making parachutes. We figure that if people stake their life on materials not tearing we're probably OK getting away with it on a golf bag."

Ogio also upgraded its threads to nylon, "out of what I would call the YKK of threads," Gocke said. "The best." YKK is the largest and most prominent zipper manufacturer in the world. "When you go to these light weights, you want to make sure you get thinning and high tensile strength materials that won't break at the seams."

The Nebula features eight zippered pockets, one of mesh, a feature of all the bags in the collection. The cart bags weigh in under five pounds, while the carry bags go as low as 3.6 pounds.

The collection, which ranges in price from $150 to $200, can be seen here.