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Hot List Silver 2023

Vice is the most colorful golf-ball brand. The company’s distinctive use of finishes, drip patterns, neon colors, shade tones and even gold and black versions stands apart. Still, for all the non-conformity, this three-ball lineup is as complete as any company’s offering. The larger cores are tailored to match three swing-speed levels, but in each case they benefit from a special chemical additive that increases the core’s resiliency for more potential ball speed. Each ball’s cast urethane cover includes stronger polymer connections to improve spin consistency and durability. 


PRO: Designed for swing speeds of 95 to 110 miles per hour, it features the highest spin around the green in the lineup.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


PRO SOFT: It’s got the lowest compression (30 points softer than Pro Plus), catering to swing speeds under 95 miles per hour, what Vice calls “the bulk of casual weekend golfers.”


PRO PLUS: Two mantle layers control spin and increase resiliency for higher-swing-speed players (over 110 miles per hour).


Performance: 4/5

Innovation: 4.5/5

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