Titleist Trufeel

Hot List Silver 2023

There’s no disputing a larger core in a two-piece ball typically leads to more distance. Making a large core in a soft-feeling, low-compression ball, however, is a manufacturing achievement. For this ball that meant re- writing software and upgrading equipment to control material flow. The result is a core that is larger (1.60 inches) to provide additional speed and keep the soft feel the ball is known for.

A reformulated spherically-tiled 376-dimple pattern achieves the proper spin to enhance distance and provide a touch of greenside control. Also noticeable is a new sidestamp design inspired by the most popular alignment aid chosen through the My Titleist customizer on Titleist.com since alignment options debuted in 2018.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


Performance: 4/5

Innovation: 4/5

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