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Srixon Soft Feel

Hot List Silver 2023

Now in its 13th iteration, the Srixon Soft Feel is one of the most venerable ball models in the game. There’s a reason for that: It delivers many desirable traits that golfers shopping in this category value.

Although Srixon says the core is one of its softest to date, it is still highly resilient, snapping back into shape quicker after impact thanks to being extremely soft in the center and getting gradually firmer toward the outer part. That delivers more distance and reduces spin on full swings.

For the cover, Srixon continues to use its 338-dimple pattern that is designed to allow the ball to cut through the air with less resistance. This ball is a viable option for a number of golfers seeking a soft feel with a soft touch on the wallet.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


Performance: 4/5

Innovation: 4/5

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