Callaway ERC Soft

Hot List Gold 2023

The ball has three layers, but more than 100 different materials are used to create those components. Without getting too deep into the chemistry, Callaway found that some materials on their own aren’t all that elastic. That’s not great when you want to increase distance. In this ball, the core has been reformulated with a new technology that provides a higher cross-linked density. This leads to a little bit more speed at impact but maintains the ball’s low compression.

Changes have been made to the cover, too. A urethane coating is applied that adds as much as 400 revolutions per minute on wedge and pitch shots without impacting other parts of the game. The price is on the high end of the category, but, hey, 100 materials don’t come cheap.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


Performance: 5/5

Innovation: 5/5

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