Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

Callaway has invested $50 million in its Chicopee, Mass., manufacturing capabilities, but what likely matters most to consumers is that all three of these balls stay true to the original Chrome Soft’s commitment to soft feel. That focus is, of course, more challenging when you’re trying to create higher resiliency. (A Nerf ball is soft, but it can never bounce like a Superball.) The change in this model’s rubberformula core, however, strengthens the linking of the molecules for better energy at impact off of any club. New aerodynamics on the cover yield a more penetrating flight compared to past models.

Is it for you?

Chrome Soft X LS: Similar in construction to the X, this ball gives the lowest spin on full swings and offers a flatter trajectory.

Performance: 5/5
Innovation: 5/5
Demand: 3.5/5

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)

$50 | Callaway
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