Mexico Open at Vidanta

Vidanta Vallarta

Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Golf Game

Grab one of your putters and play a round in the swimming pool or backyard with the ultimate Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Golf Game. Prepare your shot on the rubber tee of the 12" x 24" chipping mat and chip onto the floating island green. The Blue Wave game comes with 12 hook-and-loop balls that stick to the green when they stop rolling. Aim for one of two flags and cups. Practice balls come in contrasting colors for competitive play. Set up the green on the grass, patio or even indoors on a rainy day as a fun activity to keep your skills up to par. The aqua golf game offers an extra challenge in the pool as the green drifts from place to place. Prepare to take a quick dip when you're done playing or enlist the kids to gather the game pieces from the water.
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