Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)


0311 T Gen3


Our Review:

PXG is a company that caters to one of golf’s most exclusive market segments, but golfers willing to pay a premium for their irons demand uncompromising performance. Key to achieving that in this iron is the addition of a new interior design in which a soft polymer inside reduces unwanted vibrations while transferring more energy into the ball. The face has a channel around the internal perimeter to create more rebound. Read more >>
Specs: 7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 46 degrees
Price: $425 (per iron)
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Player Comments
  • mid
    The looks have a certain cool factor. Emits a thump at impact and rockets toward the green.
  • low
    It has a lot of testosterone in it. The ball went in the exact window I expected it to.
  • mid
    Classy looking iron, almost like a blade. The screws give a tough look in a good way. Great feedback and better than average distance. For a players iron a very comfortable look.