Golf Humor

17 Things You Go Through When Taking A Buddies Trip

First you need to decide if you go want to build a trip around golf versus your other hobbies.
Then it's time to pick a place.
After that, be sure to check your calendar to pick a date.
And fire off some emails to clear it with work.
Obviously it's important to know which friends you want coming.
Because you don't want to bring that one guy who bugs everyone else.
When in doubt, put one person in charge and agree to follow their lead.
Otherwise you'll be overrun by petty squabbling.
Money can be an issue, so make sure you're not spending more than you can.
And you'll want to be sure you agree on off-course activities.
When you first get to your destination, a certain euphoria sets in.
But there's always a chance you get screwed by the weather
And remember this is golf, so there's always a tendency to get frustrated.
Plus, you'll be surprised how exhausting playing a lot of golf can be
Either way, you'll probably be really sad when it's over