Must Haves From The Merchandise Tent


Must Haves From The Merchandise Tent

June 13, 2012

Tumbler ($14) and magnet ($6)

Memorabilia is great, but the kind that you can actually use is the best of all. These unbreakable tumblers and magnets for your kitchen are no-brainers.

T-shirts ($18-$22)

Another great gift item that you can use 24/7. You can't ever have enough T-shirts.

U.S. Open Commemorative Polo Half-Zip Pullover ($145)

This is a fan favorite here at Olympic because of the varying weather conditions. It's bold, and it's authentic.

Blockshed Flat-Brim Cap ($27)

Another example of the impact that Rickie Fowler has had on style. We now have a flat-brim commemorative baseball cap that's flying off the shelves.

towel ($16)

A golf towel with all the official logos from the U.S. Opens at Olympic is something every golfer can use.

U.S. Open Flag ($30)

This embroidered commemorative pin flag is usually the first item to sell out in the merchandise tent.

scarf ($32) and putter cover ($25)

The scarf is a new item in the merchandise tent this year, and a popular one given the always brisk San Francisco summers. Commemorative putter head covers have become a new gotta-have item for the serious golfer.

Official U.S. Open Poster ($25)

Lee Wybranski's annual U.S. Open prints make for a great collectible for your man cave. And at $25, they're a heck of a value.

Polo Women's Blair Diagonal Shirt ($85)

It's not all about you. Giving the woman in your life a shirt that can work on or off the golf course is a practical peace offering.

Youth Micro Full-Zip fleece ($48) and Fidel Cap ($16)

Don't you want to be young again so you could rock this look? The painter's cap is really cool while the fleece will keep you warm.

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