Best Dressed

Dustin Johnson's style secret

Nearly every week this year, we've identified the best-dressed guy on the PGA Tour. And Dustin Johnson is now the first golfer to get that nod more than once. DJ is a master of simplicity and fit. His monochromatic outfits look sleek primarily because he wears the right size polos and trousers.

That brings me to his style secret: DJ, who's 6-foot-4 and weighs just shy of 200 pounds, wears medium-sized polos. Medium! To be super specific, DJ's polos are custom-made and aren't labeled with an alphabetical size, but if they were they'd live in the medium family. Most guys with DJ's build would never even consider trying that size, and most (American) golfers wear polos that are too large. Next time you go shopping, try a polo that's a size smaller than you're used to. If the sleeves look a bit shorter and feel a touch tighter, you're well on your way to mastering a DJ-like fit.

Scroll down to check out the pieces DJ wore on Sunday at the Wells Fargo.