Ryder Cup

2018 Ryder Cup fan entrance exam

One of the overriding storylines of the 2016 Ryder Cup was the behavior, or lack thereof, from a contingent of American patrons. For the 2018 event, it seems organizers have put together a fan entrance exam to curtail the unruly conduct. Luckily for us, we happened to get our hands on the quiz. See if you pass the test:


Who is the Ryder Cup named after?

Who is the Ryder Cup named after?
  • Samuel Ryder, an English golfer who proposed the idea of the exhibition, and donated the trophy
  • Ryder Rose, the great grandfather of Ryder Cup veteran Justin Rose, who was a legendary golfer from Great Britain in his own right

  • The Ruff Ryders, thanks to the golf contributions of the one and only DMX


A player from the opposing team makes birdie. What is your reaction?

A player from the opposing team makes birdie. What is your reaction?
  • Acknowledge his efforts with a polite golf clap
  • Remain silent

  • Yell expletives about this mother that would make Amy Schumer blush


What is your reaction to "Baba Booey"?

What is your reaction to "Baba Booey"?
  • Cover your head in shame and wonder what's happened to this country
  • Laughter; it's from Howard Stern, he's funny! Remember when "¡Ay, caramba!" was popular, too?



How many green jackets has Bubba Watson won?

  • Two
  • None

  • Um, it's gold jacket, not green jacket you dummy


Define "rub of the green."

  • Casually, it means “bad luck," but there’s a more cut-and-dry rules definition that none of us can remember
  • The look on Rory McIlroy’s face after a couple insults in the heat of the Ryder Cup

  • How good the grass feels under on your bare feet after finishing a six-pack


What do you plan on wearing to the event?

  • Normal golf attire, featuring my country's colors and flag
  • My Abraham Lincoln Halloween costume

  • Nothing brah; bare skins, we will win!


Do you think the 2016 Hazeltine crowd was overtly antagonistic and hostile?

  • Absolutely; it was an embarrassment to the game and the United States
  • Of course not; we did our part to help the Americans win!

  • Could be worse; I have Raiders season tickets

  • A former PGA Tour player and current NBC analyst
  • Tiger Woods' caddie

  • One of the billionaire brothers that control American politics


Is Patrick Reed a bad man?

  • Yes
  • Yes

  • Yes


What are your feelings toward Danny Willett?

  • The 2016 Masters champ didn't deserve to be the target of vitriol from American crowds
  • No sympathy; he should blame his brother before the fans

  • We should reignite the American Revolution


What happens when a hole is “halved?"

  • The hole is tied
  • You get to replay the shot you previously took, one per round

  • All competitors must chug the rest of their drink!


Who will host the 2018 Ryder Cup?

  • France
  • Australia

  • Where it always is...'MERICA!