U.S. Open

11 photos of the wacky weather at Oakmont on Thursday

OAKMONT, Pa. -- Day 1 at the 2016 U.S. Open was a washout. Three weather delays equated to just nine players finishing their rounds on Thursday; the afternoon wave never reached the tee. Though the weekend forecast looks promising, the storms at Oakmont Country Club were a sight to behold. Here are 11 photos capturing the ridiculous weather from Round 1 of the U.S. Open:

Charlie Riedel/AP Photo
Fans had to trudge through mud, water and slick turf throughout the day at Oakmont.
We applaud this brave soul, but a poncho can withstand only so much.
Those wishing Oakmont had more water hazards got their wish on Thursday.

Any Port(a-let) In The Storm

Any situation that calls for one to resort to such shelter must really, ahem, stink.
Nope, this isn't dusk; this comes from the middle of the afternoon.

Volunteer Water Park

The Volunteer Village nearly floated away. Volunteers are the lifeline of a tournament. The least we can do is send these good folks some rescue boats.

At Least It Will Add To the Property Value

Just in case living it up in a luxury box wasn't good enough, those in the Palmer Suites now have a lake view out their window.

There's A Green Under There, We Swear

Phil Mickelson called Oakmont's ninth hole "the hardest par 4 I've ever seen in my life." And that was before he had to putt underwater.
Hey, beats the Port-a-john.

Rain Or Shine, Party's On

We're going on a limb and saying the bartenders kept busy in the hospitality tents.
Charlie Riedel/AP Photo
Despite multiple delays and dangerous storms, the fans were loud and proud on Thursday. Forget the players; if anyone deserves nice weather this weekend, it's the galleries that were undeterred.