124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Bridgestone Tour B RX

This foursome targets players in two swing-speed classes (more than and less than 105 miles per hour) with a softer option that spins more (XS for fast swing speeds and RXS for average swing speeds) and a firmer, flatter-flying model (X and RX). Not just about making your drives longer, these new models add new compounds that work with the urethane covers to help generate more ball speed off the longer clubs and more control off the shorter clubs. That includes creating a softer interaction on shorter shots so that the ball stays on the face longer for control and spin. Even better, those elements are tweaked specifically for each ball to better align with how those players make contact.


Is it for you?

RX: The lowest spinning ball on full shots, it accentuates distance and reins in slices and hooks. Softer feeling than the X.


Performance: 5/5
Innovation: 5/5
Demand: 2.5/5


Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


$50 | Bridgestone
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