Royal St. David's Golf Club

Harlech, Wales


Royal St. David’s, Bernard Darwin wrote, “fascinates at first glance.” The course plays under the visage of Harlech Castle, a fortress set high atop sheer bluffs and constructed under the orders of Edward I in the 1280s during his conquest of Wales. The interior holes to the east cut in different directions across milder terrain over low, speedbump-like ground movements, and the holes along the western edge and to the south, particularly 11, 14 and 15, camber through high dunes that divide the links from Cardigan Bay in the St. George’s Channel. Like Brora, Pasatiempo and Garden City, the round finishes with a par 3.


Holes 18
Length 6629
Price $105
Year Opened 1894
Designer Harold Finch-Hatton/William Henry More


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