Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Private


There aren’t many places in Canada as ruggedly beautiful as Tobiano, perched on benchland next to Kamloops Lake. The holes work an Ocean Course at Kiawah kind of routing, with each nine moving outward in opposite directions on inland ground before turning and coming back above the water. The wide-open property is a labyrinth of dry ravines and rocky arroyos, and the design keeps mostly to the high ground along the tops of the narrow ridges, plunging between them only occasionally (the fifth feels like Lahinch playing between dunes). But the severed topography also means there are forced carries galore and many will find it difficult to finish holes like the par 3 seventh with a green placed on an outcropping that falls away on all sides. Still, for the public player’s money, there’s more visceral excitement at Tobiano than almost anywhere else on the continent.


Holes 18
Length 7367
Facility Type Private
Designer Tom McBroom (2007)


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