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Tom Watson

Lay Low
Tom Watson: Drive It Lower In Crosswinds

What to do when wind is zipping across the fairway

Play Your Best | For Better Players
Tom Watson: Master The Downhill Putt

Just get it started: On slick greens, sometimes that's all you can do

Play Your Best: For Better Players
Vary Your Trajectory For Better Accuracy

How'd you like to hit draws on command?

Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Tom Watson's Tips: When You Have To Play Up From A Collection Area

“Keep your head steady, and commit to the swing.”

Play Your Best: Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Tom Watson: Why Keeping Your Head Still Will Hurt Your Game

Trying to keep it still can ruin your ball-striking

Play Your Best | Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Maintain Your Shoulder Tilt
Play Your Best: Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Unlock Extra Power By Rotating Your Hips

Don't skip the hips: Turn them back for more power

Play Your Best: Shortcuts by Tom
Tom Watson: Hidden Key To Solid Strikes

The supporting elements can make all the difference

Play Your Best | Shortcuts
The Path To More Pars and Birdies

My two-tee drill will improve your accuracy

Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Tom Watson: Guide To Good Footwork

An effective golf swing starts with your feet.

lesson tee
The Easiest Chip Shot

Putting with your 5-iron is a great play

lesson tee
How to Handle Your Chips

Tweak your grip to hit higher or lower shots

lesson tee
Stress Relief

When you're feeling nervous, sloooow down

lesson tee
Rehearse Your Round

Practice the shots you'll need that day

Play Your Best: Shortcuts
A Handy Putting Tip

Change your grip to roll it in the side door

lesson tee
Don't Hate The Half-Wedge

This setup trick will get you sticking it close

Play Your Best: Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Command The Sand

A drill to take the guesswork out of bunkers

Play Your Best: Shortcuts by Tom Watson
Dimple Solution

My dad's No. 1 tip still works

lesson tee
A Striking Difference

How to make crisp contact from tight lies

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