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Titleist Tour Soft

The original Tour Soft was designed as a distance play in the category of softer-feeling golf balls. The follow up to that product took things a step further. As always, golfers were looking for more distance but with a touch of short-game spin. To achieve both of those desires, Titleist engineers designed a larger core to provide the distance and surrounded it with a slightly firmer cover that works with the core to produce better short-game spin. What will likely go unnoticed by golfers but is what powers the ball’s distance is a new 342-dimple pattern that results in a more penetrating ball flight and a lower trajectory than some other balls in the category. That helps produce more rollout on tee shots for extra yards.

Performance: 5/5
Innovation: 4.5/5
Demand: 3/5

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)

$35 | Titleist
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