Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands


Titleist AVX

The new AVX, like its predecessor, is a lowercompression, softerfeeling ball that flies off the driver a little lower than the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. That’s why it might boost distance for some average golfers who generate too much spin on their long clubs. What fans wanted was more spin on the shortest shots, so this year’s version features a softer urethane cover to help give those chips and pitches a little more grab and those putts a little more cushion. The extra oomph off the tee comes from a core that gets firmer toward the outer edges and new aerodynamics to optimize that lower flight.

Performance: 4.5/5
Innovation: 4.5/5
Demand: 3/5

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)

$50 | Titleist
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