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Your guide to consistency in five easy steps

January 04, 2018

Ask golfers what’s wrong with their games, and you have to realize you’re chucking live grenades. Run the other way. Most golfers—think of the guy who takes you through his last round blow by blow—are rather self-obsessed. If you listen closely to their gripes, you’ll find they all want one thing: consistency.

Granted, that means different things to different folks. Developing golfers want to make solid contact with the ball more consistently. Move up a level from there, and golfers want a consistent ball flight, like a controlled fade or a reliable draw. And the really good players are all about score: They don’t care if they’re spraying it all over the place as long as they bring home a respectable number.

But even those aren’t clear lines in the sand. For some of us, what we want changes day to day. The good news is, Golf Digest’s new video curriculum HOW TO PLAY CONSISTENT GOLF covers it all. This 5-lesson series will help you find and fix your biggest consistency issues, from driving to putting. We call it a curriculum because the videos are presented in the order most likely to help you get better fast. We start with the most basic consistency requirements, like hitting the ball, and build from there. Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Devan Bonebrake takes you through all the do’s and don’ts, swing fixes, practice drills and even skills tests that you can use again and again to check your progress.

So join our program to boost your consistency, and we know you’ll be working on the right things. Forgive us if we don’t ask.