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You might never bet an over/under again after seeing the finish to this NBA game

March 28, 2019

Earlier this week, we saw Bruce Pearl instruct people to "take the over" when his Auburn Tigers take on UNC on Friday night. But while getting such advice from someone coaching in a game might seem like as big of a lock as possible, there is absolutely NO such thing as a lock when it comes to betting over/unders in basketball. Sadly.

Take what happened at the end Wednesday night's NBA game between the Golden State and Memphis. Many gamblers bet on a 221 total and that number seemed like it would be passed, even after a sluggish fourth quarter by the Grizzlies, when Memphis' Delon Wright went to the foul line with exactly one minute to play. Wright made the first free throw to make the score 118-103 in the Warriors' favor, but he missed the second, which set off a wild chain of events that ultimately resulted in no more points being scored. See for yourself:

How many good looks in a row can an NBA team miss?! You can practically hear all the people who bet the over screaming at the TV after each miss. Of course, on the flip side, those who bet under 221 were holding their breath the entire time until unleashing a celebratory scream of their own. Here's how the play-by-play report looked:


Amazing. We also feel sorry for those who bet on Memphis getting 12 points. The Grizzlies only trailed by five through three quarters, and just one of those 3-pointers going in would have pushed as well. Bottom line: gambling sucks. Don't do it. Kidding! It's great.