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You have to see this gymnast's hands-free, seated backflip to believe it

March 09, 2018

OK, so this video is apparently old. In fact, University of Michigan gymnast Brandon Burns celebrated the one-year anniversary of it going viral earlier this week. But that doesn't make it any less impressive. And we hadn't seen it to now, so excuse us while we freak out.

What the. . . ? How the. . . ? That's a backflip from a seated position using no hands. And he nails the landing. Incredible.

Legend has it that Bo Jackson used to be able to do a backflip out of a swimming pool, but with all due respect to Jackson, Bo did not know this move.

In fact, Brandon's Instagram is a treasure trove of jaw-dropping displays of physical talent -- and abs that would make Mark Wahlberg jealous.

Yeah. . . the dude's in decent shape.