Worst call in baseball history (and possibly sports history) takes place in Mexican League game

Watch enough MLB games, especially if you have a favorite team, and you're going to learn to hate a few of the umpires. Names like Joe West and Angel Hernandez instantly come to mind. And how could we forget Jim Joyce, who literally stole a perfect game from Armando Galarraga in 2010 (I hate the incessant replays in today's MLB, but this call made a VERY strong case for it). In reality, these guys do an unbelievable job, and many of them are legends that don't get the respect they deserve. Same could be said for the other sports, and you can look no further than that awful few games of replacement refs in the NFL back in 2012.

The video you're about to see further proves the point that each of the four major sports league's referees are the absolute best of the best in their profession. Even if you feel your team or favorite player has been wronged in some way at some point, it could be way, WAY worse. Like, these two umpires making this call in a Mexican Baseball League game type of worse. Check it out:

Wait, what? The guy literally took a full swing. If we're being nice, we can understand the ump behind the plate missing it. Maybe he had something in his eye, maybe his view was blocked ... MAYBE. But then he checks with the first base ump who agrees it was no swing! What are these two smoking? Whatever it is we'd like some of... actually, never mind. This is not only the worst call in baseball history, but maybe sports history. It's so bad that Don Denkinger is laughing at it:

I'm sure the pay isn't great in the Mexican League, but guys, we've got to do better.