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What's that grip Justin Rose has on his putter?


JD Cuban

April 11, 2017

After watching Justin Rose on Sunday at the Masters, we've had more than a few people ask us what the heck that putter grip is that he was using. Don't worry, we're here to help. It's obviously an oversized grip, which has become popular among pros and amateur players due to its ability to keep your wrists quiet during the stroke. But the grip Rose is using looks a little different than the SuperStroke putter grip, which is what you'll see used by the likes of Jordan Spieth and Masters champ Sergio Garcia. The putter grip Rose is using is from a company called Flat Cat.

The oversized grip market has seen a lot of different shaped grips, but the Flat Cat, which came out in March 2016, is a bit different. This grip is shaped like a rectangular box. The theory behind the rectangular grip is that it helps you keep the clubface square at impact. The lines of the grip run parallel to the face of the putter. So, if you’re able to keep the putter square in your hands, you’re keeping the face square, too.

The grip is available in five sizes: Slim, Svelte, Standard, Fat and Big Boy all are priced at $24. As you go up in size, the grips get thicker and heavier. The Slim weighs 45 grams, Svelte 51 grams, Standard 68 grams, Fat 85 grams, and the Big Boy weighs 104 grams.