The Ultimate Guides

November 22, 2017

The Ultimate Guides: Short Game

If you’re like a lot of golfers, the short game can be overwhelming. Every time you miss a green, you have so many little factors to consider—the lie, the trouble spots, the club, the swing. It’s not like grabbing your 7-iron from 140. It can be tough to commit to a shot and execute with confidence. In this video series, taught by Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Corey Lundberg, we’ll show you how to make the right decisions and simplify your technique. We’ll identify the skills you need and show you how to develop them in a logical order. For example, learn to make consistent contact before making the high lob your favorite play; read the lie before picking your shot. Using these five long-form videos, you’ll start to organize your short game—and stop wasting strokes around the green. Get up and down from anywhere! Click here to register →

The Ultimate Guides: Approach Shots

Golf statistician Lou Riccio, who has been compiling data from average golfers for more than 30 years, says the ability to hit greens is by far the biggest determinant of a player’s score. Not driving distance, not putting—hitting good approach shots. Think about it . . . If you hit even a decent drive, the quality of your approach in large part determines how you finish the hole. In this series of videos, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jason Birnbaum takes a deep dive into all the do’s and don’ts of approach play: How to pick the right club, how to make an effective swing, the common mistakes that sabotage your shots. We’ll also look at playing from difficult lies and fairway bunkers and how to hit fairway woods. Wouldn’t it be great to pull the right club and play a good shot every time? Start here.Hit more greens starting today! Click to register→

The Ultimate Guides: Driving

How well you hit your driver, if you’re like most golfers, is the biggest factor in how much you enjoy your round of golf. There might be more important statistical categories, but none more connected to what you love about the game. Good driving days are your best days. In this video series, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Anders Mattson goes through all the skills that can lead to more great-driving rounds. We’ll look at the basic setup and swing, adding distance and reining in your shot dispersion. This curriculum-style program starts with the simple stuff and builds to more advanced driving skills, with practice drills and strategy tips along the way. Become that player who has what everyone wants: longer and straighter tee shots. Make yourself a great driver! Click to register→