Video of Anthony Kim—or someone that looks a lot like Anthony Kim—emerges, and his swing looks silky as ever

September 25, 2018

Tiger Woods won for the first time in five years. One of the more anticipated Ryder Cups in the biennial event's history is about to tee off. Both are second-page news, however, compared to a video that emerged on Tuesday afternoon.

For that video contained images of one Anthony Kim, the American star turned Sasquatch.

(Kind-of-disappointing update: Instagram user @Jamesridyard, who posted the original video, later clarified the video is at least two years old.)

Kim, a Fourth of July fireworks display in human form, has been away from the sport since 2012, sidelined with a career-ending back injury. (Or at least an injury that, allegedly, allows him to collect a hefty insurance check if he doesn't play competitively again.) So when a loop of Kim hitting balls emerged on Instagam—and here's where we preface that we are pretty damn sure it's Kim—the golf sector of social media lost its damn mind. As it should. Look at that swing! So smooth, so silky!

Perhaps it's serendipity this clip emerges on the 10th anniversary of Kim sucking the soul out of Sergio Garcia at the 2008 Ryder Cup:

Is it too late for Jim Furyk to reallocate one of his captain's picks? Maybe Rickie Fowler's oblique is starting to flare up? If this really is Kim, get him on the next plane to Paris.