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U.S. Open 2024: Tyrrell Hatton reveals how much money he's been fined in his career, and the figure will shock you

June 14, 2024

Tim Warner

Draymond Green recently made news by claiming the NBA doesn't set players up "to be wealthy after we're done playing" due to fines. The Golden State Warriors star has been fined an estimated $900,000 by the league and lost $3.2 million due to suspensions throughout his career. That's a ton of money, but Green's argument was largely mocked due to the fact that he will have earned $255 million by the time his latest contract runs out.

What's the point of telling you all this? Well, it turns out that it's a LOT less costly to be a hothead in pro golf.

Enter Tyrrell Hatton, who has had no shortage of on-course outburts throughout his career. Heck, on Thursday at the U.S. Open, he drop-kicked a 5-iron on Pinehurst's 17th hole. And that was a hole he wound up birdieing!

Hatton plays for LIV Golf now where it seems anything goes, but he became a star on the European Tour and PGA Tour before that. While those tours don't make their fines public, it's been assumed that the fiery Brit has racked up a slew of them for club throws and curses and, even imitating firing a gun at Augusta National's iconic 13th hole.

But after Friday's second round at Pinehurst, Hatton was asked how much money he's been fined in his career. And the amount will probably stun you. And not in the way you're expecting. Here was the exchange:

Q. Do you have any idea how much you've been fined over the years for outbursts?

HATTON: How much I've been fined? I think you'd actually be shocked because you're thinking it's ridiculous amounts. Now, don't get me wrong; it's still a lot of money, but it is nowhere near—give me your best guess.

Q. $100,000.

HATTON: Mate, you are not even close.

Q. Higher?

HATTON: Not even—I think even with the DP World Tour, I reckon I haven't reached double digits. It's still quite a bit of money, but it's nowhere near where you were saying.

You're right, Tyrrell, we are shocked. Thanks for letting us know. And, uh, it's probably best not to share that info with Draymond.