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U.S. Open 2024: Cam Smith appears to be wearing a 'periodic table of booze' shirt at Pinehurst

Cameron Smith's regular appearance—mullet, mustache, flat brim, being Australian—is the definition of chill. It's hard to look more vibey than he does on a consistent basis, yet he somehow found a way to on Saturday at Pinehurst.

Smith is an official original ambassador for the golf clothing brand Penguin, a brand unafraid to put their guys in bright colors and funky prints. They'll have a hard time topping what they put Smith in on Saturday at Pinehurst, a shirt that appears to be the "periodic table of booze." That's right. 

Check the fit and zoom in if you need:

Let's take a closer look:


Whiskey. Cognac. Tequila. Yeah, that's definitely a periodic table of alcohol. Hell yeah, brother. 

There are, roughly, five people on earth that can pull this off. Cam is one of them. This is the shirt the 25-handicapper shows up in on the first tee and asks if everyone wants to shotgun a beer while everyone collectively rolls their eyes inside. Then he shoots a "98" that was really a 125 but you just let him have it. Unfortunately a lot more of those guys are now going to buy this one now that Smith is rocking it.