What's In a Name?

U.S. Open 2024: The meaning behind Bryson DeChambeau's club nicknames (including why his 9 iron is called Jackie Robinson)


Andrew Redington

Bryson DeChambeau has always been an odd duck when it comes to his golf game, but who are we to judge when he has a U.S. Open and millions upon millions in prize money under his belt? The LIV golfer is once again hanging around another major, and the NBC/Peacock broadcast decided to dive into his bag.

Because he’s Bryson, he has particular names for his clubs. Maybe that’s what the rest of us are missing. Time to start following DeChambeau’s lead and come up with some nicknames.

Let’s go through the monikers one by one. We also love the idea of DeChambeau looking over to his caddie and saying, “Hey, man. Hand me the Herman Keiser.”

3-iron: GAMMA, third letter of the alphabet
5-iron: AZALEA, named after his favorite par 5 of course at Augusta National
6-iron: JUNIPER, after the sixth hole at Augusta National (looks like this man wants to win a Masters)
7-iron: TIN CUP, since it’s Kevin Costner’s favorite club as Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy
8-iron: 8-BALL, he likes 8-ball … this one’s pretty easy
9-iron: JACKIE, it's 42 degrees like No. 42 Jackie Robinson
PW: HERMAN KEISER, it’s 46 degrees and Herman Keiser won the Masters in 1946
GW: JIMMY DEMARET, it’s 50 degrees and Jimmy Demaret won The Masters in 1950.
SW: MR WARD, it's 55 degrees and Harvie Ward was low amateur at the 1955 US Open
LW: KING to honor Arnold Palmer

There doesn’t seem to be a name for his 4-iron yet. Something will arise soon enough. We could come up with some suggestions, but we’re sure Bryson will end up with something zanier. That's the DeChambeau Guarantee.