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U.S. Open 2024: After missing the cut, Max Homa perfectly summed up how most fans feel watching at home

June 15, 2024

Shootouts like what we saw at the PGA Championship last month are fun, but what golf fans really want to see at a U.S. Open is carnage. At least, for one week a year, it's fun to watch the best players in the world struggle a bit—a sentiment beautifully summed up by our Shane Ryan.

But while that may be what golf fans want, the golfers involved don't quite feel the same way. That is, when they're on the course.

Max Homa was one of many big names to miss the cut at Pinehurst No. 2 this week, but he showed that he is "ONE OF US!" At least, when he's watching from the couch this weekend like the rest of us hackers.

Nailed it. Of course, when Max mocks those scuffling about, he's coming at it from the perspective of an expert. Instead of the typical 18-handicap chopper thinking, Hey, I could do that. Bro, pipe down. In fact, here's the USGA tool to help you figure out what you'd shoot at Pinehurst No. 2 this week.

But the bottom line is that Homa has the same mindset that most will have watching on TV. While we're sure Max will be rooting for some of his friends, we're all rooting for the course to be the big winner. Go Pinehurst, go.