Don't Drive Yourself Nuts

February 28, 2013

Stringing together multiple shots on a par 5 is something that gives the average 100-shooter fits. To get into position to hit a few good shots in a row, you need to start with the driver.

Stand with your feet together and the ball in line with your left instep (1). Sidestep with your left foot so the ball is a few inches inside your heel, then sidestep with your right foot and let your shoulders and head tilt away from the target (2).

By getting into a proper stance, with your feet just wider than your shoulders, and tilting behind the ball, you're in position to hit a solid drive.




Once you're in a good setup position, it's time to visualize a better route to the ball.

Many players struggle with an out-to-in swing and end up chopping down on the ball through impact. One way to get into a better impact position is to visualize a set of balls on increasingly taller tees as they get to the actual ball you're hitting. As you can see below, the bottom of the swing arc with a driver is a good six inches behind the target ball. When you get to impact, the driver should be moving upward. To do this, picture yourself hitting every ball in this sequence squarely. That will force you to keep your head back and your shoulders tilted correctly.


Average 100-shooters hit less than three greens a round and make only two saves on more than a dozen short-game opportunities. The quickest fix: a better short game.

*--Peter Sanders / shotbyshot.com *