Squeeze play

By Matt Ginella Illustrations by Christoph Niemann
May 27, 2008

__Q: On a golf trip to Ireland, I booked a rental "van" for four guys, clubs and luggage. But when we arrived, the vehicle was way too small, and we had to split into two cars. Where did I go wrong?

-- Sam Stassi / Elk Grove, Calif.__

A: I feel your lack of appropriate space. What we think of as SUVs and hamburgers are just not the same across the pond.

I called the major rental agencies in the United Kingdom and asked for the specs on their vehicles. What a foursome of golfers needs to ask for is a "Large People Carrier." This is the U.K. version of a small bus. With four guys, four golf bags and four sets of luggage, it's the best way to keep your group under one roof while navigating the wee, winding roads.

It also doesn't hurt to book well in advance and to call a few days before you arrive to remind the rental agency that you and your "people" are coming.