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Tom Brady plays golf in the Bahamas with Michael Jordan, doesn't look to be stressed by Deflategate

It's what we would've done, too. What better way to put a major national sports scandal behind you than a round of golf, right? Especially with one of the best athletes in history.

Tom Brady teed it up in the Bahamas this weekend with buddy Michael Jordan, just a week after being sentenced to a four-game suspension by the NFL for his part in allegedly deflating footballs during the AFC Championship Game last year.

It's the second time the duo have teed it up at Bakers Bay in the last couple of months. Luke Donald Instagrammed this photo of him and Keegan with MJ and Brady before the Masters -- during Brady's guy Will McDonough's bachelor party.

Brady and MJ were back for McDonough's wedding last weekend -- after the bachelor party was in the same spot. We wonder if Keegs and Luke were down for the wedding, too. People on Twitter were ripping on Brady's choice of clothes on the course. But Bakers Bay is known for being the most casual spot for golf -- with shirts being optional. Maybe the better question is: How much money did Brady and MJ have on the line?