Tiger Woods hit a terrible drive on the 9th hole, then cracked a joke

Tiger Woods hit a truly terrible drive on the 9th hole: he pulled it so far left that it flew past the trees lining the fairway and landed on the fairway of the neighboring hole. The shot was so bad that Tiger felt compelled to execute the world's most perfect club drop.

Ordinarily, we'd see see a much more aggressive reaction out of Tiger, but the newfound happy-go-lucky, mellow Tiger seemed to take it all in his stride. According to Geoff Shackelford, reporting from the ground at Augusta National:

After hitting his drop-kick drive off the 9th tee, Tiger's drive clipped a pine and finished in the 9th fairway. When he approached caddy Joe LaCava in the 1st fairway, he yelled out loud enough for all to hear: "It's a fairway hit, Joey." LaCava did not laugh but the crowd did. Woods salvaged an impressive bogey at the 9th to move to one-over-par on his opening nine.