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This Jon Rahm stare down would get him suspended at least one year from the Korean Tour

Jon Rahm has never and will never shy away from showing his emotions on the golf course. While he's never gone full Bio Kim and flipped a fan the bird, he's had his fair share of outbursts, though they are usually always directed at himself for his own poor play.

But on Thursday at the Spanish Open, Rahm had a little run-in with a fan behind the sixth tee. Immediately following impact, the fiery Spaniard dropped his club in disgust , turned around, stared directly at whoever angered him and gave him the famous Club Pro Guy stance. Here's the video captured by Golf Channel:

It's unclear which fan it was or what they did, but whatever it was it obviously irked Rahm. There were multiple people with phones out filming, but we don't want to assume.

Our question is, between the club drop, the stare down, the histrionics and the hard club slam into the bag, how long would this get Rahm suspended on the Korean Tour? One tournament? One month? The rest of the year? Luckily, Rahm doesn't have to find out, and he certainly won't have to kneel in front of any cameras and apologize.