Think Metalwoods Can't Get Any Better? Think Again

July 18, 2017

Photo by Ryan Zimmerman

To say that metalwoods have more room for improvement than any other club might seem confusing. After all, the USGA has set up more roadblocks on drivers, fairway woods and hybrids than any other clubs in the bag. But the largest clubs actually have more design options for increasing distance, forgiveness and flight. In fact, our longest-hitting clubs can get bigger or smaller or not change their looks at all and still improve. How? With thinner, lighter crowns, sleeker shapes and internal weighting that optimizes your launch. But the biggest improvement might be to your self-confidence. Here are four new models to consider.

Pictured from top

The G400 is a tad smaller than the G, making it sleeker aerodynamically. But because of the G400's thinner crown, fast-flexing forged face and rear tungsten weight, it's more stable. That makes for a forgiving club that you can swing faster.
PRICE: $435

PXG 0341X PXG's newest fairway wood has two fewer movable weights, but you won't miss them. A light carbon-composite crown contributes to a lower center of gravity so you can launch the ball high with less spin. An elastomer structure inside the head keeps the sound and feel just right.
PRICE: $650

This fairway wood is patterned after the shape of the company's wildly popular large-face fairway woods from the turn of the century. Modern touches include a composite crown and a high-flexing face that wraps around the club's crown and sole.
PRICE: $230

COBRA KING OS HYBRID A carbon-composite crown offers forgiveness in two ways: The saved weight makes room for a heavy tungsten insert that improves stability on mis-hits, and it allows the club to be larger than Cobra's other hybrids to give you a confidence boost at address.
PRICE: $250