The real winner of Wimbledon this year? Woody Harrelson, of course

I don't watch or know much about tennis, save for some of the household names. There are far more knowledgable people than I about the sport here at The Loop. What I do know about Wimbledon, though, is that it's one of the ultimate events to be seen at for celebrities, many of them dressed to the nines for the eventual moment when the cameras are drawn to them (unless you're Jon Rahm).

On Saturday, the cameras were drawn to Woody Harrelson, of "True Detective" and "White Man Can't Jump" fame. And my goodness, did the popular actor put on a show. Whoever wins the Men's Final on Sunday might as well take a seat, because Woody already won the whole dame thing. Here's the most viral video from Saturday, in which France’s Nicolas Mahut was drilled below the belt with the ball, producing what could go down as the greatest meme of all time when it's all said and done:

What a time to be alive, folks. The most shocking part was that this was the second time Mahut had been hit with the ball, though the first time it got him in the eye, a place he'd rather be hit until he goes blind over getting hit where he did the second time. Woody's stunned face would suggest he knows exactly how Mahut is feeling. Don't we all.

It gets better. Here's a clearly, let's say, not sober Harrelson attempting to get back to his seat while play is going on. When he was denied, he decided to slug his glass of white wine to pass the time:

Finally, when allowed to return, Woody made an epic entrance, and continued to provide meme gold:

Following a long day of tennis-watching and wine-sipping, Woody was every single person who has ever been day-drinking that looks at their phone and completely forgets where they are:

The internet, of course, did its thing:

I second that. What a weekend for Woody Harrelson. I'd say I'm surprised that I'm writing about a day-drunk Woody Harrelson dominating Wimbledon, but this is 2019 after all.