The Putting Mistake You're Making And How To Fix It

June 01, 2016

Have you ever been told by some golf-guru friend of yours that when you’re hitting a putt, you should hit up on the ball? You know, to get that nice, soft top spin going so it’ll roll smoothly to the hole? No. Stop doing that. Your friend is a liar.

Dave Stockton, a real, certified putting guru, says that when you think about hitting up on the ball when you putt, you’re going to make the ball hop.

1. 4 Tips To Hole It

Instead, Stockton says to think about keeping the putterhead low through impact. It’s going to come up a little naturally, but thinking about keeping the putterhead low is going to produce more solid and consistent strikes than thinking about hitting up on the ball.

Think about it: Where’s the sweet spot on the putter? In the center. If you’re pulling up the putterhead, you’re more likely to pull the sweet spot out of the equation and set yourself up for a nasty, glancing blow to the ball that’ll result in more bounce than roll. Keeping it low is going to keep the face square and help you hit it on the sweet spot.

The more consistent your ball strikes, the more likely you are to control your distance and hit it on your target line.

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