The newest college prank at UC Berkeley? Stealing golf carts

November 28, 2016


A rash of golf cart thefts hit the campus of UC Berkeley in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. School officials can be thankful, however, that four of the carts have been recovered.

This odd crime wave was reported by and has not resulted in any arrests. According to the publication, five of the carts are property of the Cal Athletic Department, and two of the carts were recovered far off campus, with one being found more than a mile away.

Authorities haven't linked the thefts and are calling them crimes of opportunities. They've reminded those in charge of the golf carts to keep them secure and to remove the keys from ignition when not in use. In other words, these are probably college kids and not a group of criminal masterminds.

It sounds like a harmless prank, but authorities said stealing carts constitutes vehicle theft. And since the carts are valued between $3,000 and $8,000, those caught can be charged and prosecuted as a felony. That's a pretty steep price to pay for taking a joyride.