The body you need for golf is closer than you think


Tony Caine was watching his golf swing in a mirror, as he often did. Yet this day he saw something different. “I suddenly noticed I could turn more without stressing my shoulders and back,” recalls the 63-year-old who previously endured back problems so severe they required surgery. “With that improved range of motion, my clubhead speed increased and I started swinging with more confidence. And I was ecstatic knowing I would no longer need ibuprofen and scotch to kill the pain after golf.”

Caine easily pinpointed the exact source of the change: Several weeks earlier, he’d subscribed to GolfForever, an online and mobile app platform dedicated to improving golfers’ health and on-course strength. Caine continues to use the program four to five days each week, to add hip flexibility for more power in his downswing. As a result, he’s added 15-to-20 yards to his tee shots. Best of all, he’s playing without soreness – and his story’s not an isolated incident. GolfForever has helped throngs of golfers in the less than two years it’s been available.

Created by pain specialist Jeremy James DC, CSCS, 12-time PGA Tour winner Justin Leonard, and a team of leading biomechanics experts, GolfForever takes a two-pronged approach to improving golfers’ games:The first is an extensive, ever-growing library of content around pre-round warmups, post-round stretching routines and at-home, golf-specific workouts that are customized to individual needs while prioritizing proper conditioning, pain relief and injury prevention. The second taps into the 1997 British Open champion, Leonard, who provides exclusive course management insight into thinking like a pro every time you step up to the ball.

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“This is unlike any other fitness or golf instruction app out there, and it will have you ready to go on the first tee,” says Leonard, who met James in their common hometown of Aspen, Colo. “It’s important to recognize how to stretch and loosen up when arriving at the course, address a tight back mid-round and, most importantly, what to do off the course to prep your body for the game. Performance-wise, there are countless ways to trim strokes by knowing your tendencies, thinking ahead and assessing course conditions. GolfForever encompasses all of this.”

James developed his “Last Chance Doctor” reputation by helping athletes, celebrities and CEOs find alternatives to prescription drugs or surgery. He’s seen how years of sitting in an office chair and forming other less-than-ideal physical habits can adversely affect flexibility, mobility and strength -- and hamper a golf game.

“People are often surprised that simple exercises, done consistently and in the right way, can improve common deficiencies hindering their swing that may also cause pain which many have dealt with for years,” says James. “We take a different slant than many fitness professionals because we look at sound, science-based healthy movement first, and then lay that onto the specifics of the golf swing and the mechanics involved. This holistic approach has been very successful to my patients over the years, regardless of age or fitness level.”


Whether you’re one of the estimated 81.5 percent of golfers who have played with back, neck, shoulder, knee or elbow pain like Caine used to, or someone who purely wants a body built for golf, you’ll be amazed what GolfForever can do for your game.

During this unique time of social distancing and golf courses reopening with strict, straight-to-the-tee regulations, a program like GolfForever is especially important. Click here to sign up for a free trial.