The 24 best women's golf shoes you should consider this season

March 26, 2019
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The range of options for female golfers is as good as it has ever been, with styles that look like running shoes to work flats—and many options in between. There's something for every golfer in your group, from the trendiest member and the most traditional. If you're considering buying a new pair of golf shoes for yourself of the female golfers in your life, it's going to be hard for you to not fall in love with a pair—or several—on this list.

Adidas adipure.jpg

If you're looking for lightweight, you're in the right place. The heather upper is light, with an overlay to help make it more supportive. The forefoot is wider to make the shoe more stable. Price: $100

adidas boost estra energy.jpg

Adidas studied where golfers need the most stability in a golf shoe, then reinforced those areas. Their reinforcement process involves applying high heat to the materials, which makes them sturdier without having to add weight. The upper is waterproof. Price: $140

adidas boost.jpg


The stitching design on the upper isn't just for looks. Using the same heating process as in the previous shoe, Adidas added support to areas of this shoe, and the aesthetic effect is the stitching you see. The outsole is spikeless, and the upper is waterproof. Instead of a standard lacing system, this shoe features BOA. Twist the nob on the side of the shoe to tighten, and pop it up to release after your round. Price: $160

adidas pure boost.jpg

Some people like the idea of a running shoe better than a golf shoe—this shoe is a marriage of both. It has the feel of a lightweight running shoe, while still having the support and spikeless traction elements of a golf shoe. Price: $130


The combination of spikes and traction elements on the outsole provide you with all the traction you need, and the waterproof microfiber leather upper will keep your feet dry during those rainy rounds. Price: $85

biion brogues.jpg


The color and pattern options at Biion are extensive—you'll be able to find pretty much any type of golf shoe you can think of. These shoes are made of all rubber, so they're lightweight. The perforation holes along the upper allow your feet to breathe. Price: $80

ecco biom hybrid.jpg

Ecco's yak leather upper is highly breathable and durable. There's also a layer of Gore-Tex, that makes the shoe waterproof. This shoe is lower to the ground to allow you better connection to the ground when you're swinging. Price: $200

ecco soft womens.jpg


The classic styling of this shoe makes it easy to wear off the course. The traction elements and waterproof upper make it just as easy to wear on-course. The inlay sole is breathable and washable, so you can keep your shoes from smelling. Price: $160

footjoy enjoy.jpg

Lightweight is the key word with this shoe. The mesh upper is light, as is the foam used in the midsole. Keeping the shoe weight down will help make your walk more comfortable. Price: $100

footjoy leisure slipon.jpg

If you're someone who thinks tying shoes is overrated, this shoe is for you. Sure, there are laces on the upper, but the shoe is actually a slip-on. The outsole is spikeless, but the traction elements provide on-course traction. Price: $115

footjoy lopro.jpg

This shoe is a combination of classic looks, with current technology. The EVA rubber footbed is non-slip to keep your foot in place, and is comfortable to walk on. Price: $100

footjoy pro sl.jpg

The highly popular Pro SL is available for women for the first time this year. FootJoy's best-selling shoe features weighting around the perimeter of the outsole for increased stability. The foam in the midsole was made with a focus on comfort, and the outsole has multiple-shaped traction elements. Price: $150

gfore gallivanter streat.jpg


What at first looks like a classic leather upper akin to a street shoe, is actually a little edgy. Skulls and crossbones are imprinted into the upper. The outer has the traction elements found across G/Fore's full Disruptor line. If skulls and crossbones aren't your thing, there are other upper options in the Disruptor line as well. Price: $225

gfore gallivanter.jpg


The Gallivanter line has a classic shape and the leather upper adds to the classic vibe, too. But, options like the studs you see on this shoe make the Gallivanter line more modern. Price: $250

new balance minimus sl.jpg

This shoe features four millimeter drop, which is a technology that you'll see in running shoes, too. The purpose is to put your foot in a more natural position, so that your foot can move more naturally during the swing. Price: $85

new balance nbg.jpg


The retro-looking upper is made of microfiber leather upper. It's water resistant, so while it won't stand up to a downpour, it'll help keep your feet dry on dewy mornings. Price: $95

nike air max.jpg

You might recognize the Air Max from the 80s. This updated version still has the air cushioning, which you can see under the heel. The upper is made of a synthetic material to match the aesthetic of the original Air Max. It's made without stitching to help make it waterproof. Price: $120

puma brea fusion sport.jpg

When you hear mesh, you're probably thinking it's light but no way it's waterproof. Puma is here to prove you wrong. The upper of this shoe is mesh and is fully waterproof. A combination of rubber and foam in the midsole give you comfort and responsiveness. Price: $80

puma ignite nxt.jpg

The areas that see more wear and tear and reinforced with Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU). You can see it on the upper—it creates a cage-like shape around the shoe to add stability. Price: $100

puma tustin.jpg

Another slip-on option. The Tustin has a spikeless outsole that provides traction on-course, but is unobtrusive enough that you can easily walk around on these shoes off the course, too. Price: $70

albatross leopard.jpg


This shoe is meant to move easily from work, to the course, to the clubhouse, to wherever your plans have you going next. There are other color options, black and beige, in case you're looking for something a little more low key than leopard. Price: $199

skechers max ultra.jpg

The midsole and the upper were built with weight-saving in mind. The insole is the same insole found in Skechers' walking line. It has high levels of cushioning, while still being responsive to your movements. Price: $90

skechers max mojo.jpg


The upper is a combination of leather and textile, all of which are waterproof. The saddle adds support to the midfoot and stability to the entire foot as you swing. Price: $100

under armour hovr drive.jpg


Beneath the microfiber upper is a waterproof membrane to protect your feet from rain and dew. The footbed does two things at once: it's supportive for lateral movement, while simultaneously providing comfort. Price: $140