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Style Inspiration: Peter Thomson's timeless look

November 06, 2013

-Peter Thomson__*

Simple, well-fitting clothes and attention to detail are hallmarks of men with great style. Peter Thomson could walk onto any course in any decade in the past 65 years and would not raise an eyebrow. His aesthetic is timeless and easily attainable. With a solid setup of staples, you too will be able to jump in the DeLorean and peg it up at any time and place.

No matter what your clothes look like, they should fit your frame. Thomson's trousers are slim, not tight, and they break appropriately just atop his shoes. The leg opening is wide enough to cover part of his shoelaces, but it's certainly not going to engulf his entire foot. Bell-bottoms weren't popular at the time of this photo and they're not now, either (R.I.P. Danny Noonan).

Trousers don't always have to be darker than your top, but it's a good classic guideline. Thomson's trousers are balanced with a lighter colored turtleneck and sweater. Layering is the best way to keep warm during the fall. Bulky, baggy tops will not only make you look bigger they'll restrict your movement. A base layer and a sweater will keep you swinging free and easy all day.

This fall, review your wardrobe. Whether you're talking about work or weekend wear, all men should have a tidy wardrobe of well-fitting basics. Strong staples are the cornerstone of the well-dressed man's closet and the foundation upon which to grow your personal style.