Still Defending Feherty

May 18, 2009

__*Your public servants serve you right.

*Adlai Stevenson__

Based on your letters to Golf World, I'm not sure how the Democrats got elected. The David Feherty controversy, in which commentator Feherty wrote in D Magazine that our soldiers would save their last bullets for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Harry Reid--and then apologized for it--has your conservative juices flowing. Is there no one defending these two fine public servants?

__Dear Editor,>

I can assure you that David's comments regarding Pelosi, Reid and bin Laden are applauded by the vast majority of your readers, me included.>

I could add many more names to the list.>

Please consider the very latest news regarding Speaker Pelosi. She is a disgrace to this nation and the position she holds. So is Reid.>

I trust that David will only get a slap on the wrist to remind him to be somewhat more discrete with his comments in the future.>

Everybody loves the guy. He is a bright spot in the "golf world".>


Donald Noel__>

__Dear Editor, With Ms. Pelosi's remarks this week about the CIA being liars you can probably add them to the list with the U.S. Soldier, although, it would only take the CIA one shot. NBC and MSNBC get away with this kind of stuff on a weekly basis and no one calls them on it. David didn't need to apologize for anything, he only spoke what he has heard about those who are in charge. Don Richardson Fredericksburg, VA __


Dear Editor,>

While his remarks were not "politically correct" , David Feherty accurately described the feelings of most US military and former. Lighten up everybody.>

Bob Brewer>

Vero Beach, FL


--Bob Carney