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Snell Golf taps into consumer input to offer two new multilayer urethane cover balls

January 15, 2018

Snell Golf’s new tandem of MTB (My Tour Ball) Black and MTB Red reflect both the company founder’s familiarity with golf ball design and the benefits of the company’s direct-to-consumer approach.

That relationship with its customers provided founder and veteran golf ball R&D wiz Dean Snell to learn that two multilayer urethane cover golf balls were better than one.

“One of the biggest things is how we’re in touch with our customers through online and social media,” said Snell, who was head of golf ball R&D at TaylorMade and was part of the original design team behind Titleist’s Pro V1 before going out on his own. “Because they’re not all just scratch golfers, we were able to find that they were looking for some different things.”

The changes to the line are most noticeable in the MTB Red, which is designed with a fourth layer to allow players to create more spin on the middle and short irons, particularly the 150-yard shots, Snell said. He said the new MTB Black, which is most similar to the original My Tour Ball, features a lower core compression for lower driver spin while not giving up initial ball speed.


The MTB Black is a three-piece construction (core, intermediate mantle layer and urethane cover), while the four-piece MTB Red is designed with a firmer feel off the driver but a softer feel on the irons and wedges for players looking for more spin on those shots.

“I think the difference isn’t really about swing speed,” Snell said. “It’s more about feel and spin, particularly on those approach shots. You will see a difference in mid- to short-iron spin, and it’s not that one is right or wrong, it’s that one is going to be right for you to control your distance and spin.”

The MTB Red also will be offered in Optic Yellow, another result of consumer input, Snell said.

Snell Golf’s direct-to-consumer approach not only means lower prices ($32 a dozen), but it also allows the flexibility to let consumers order a combination dozen of two sleeves of MTB Black and two sleeves of MTB Red. “That gives them enough balls to really do an on-course test of their own to see what performance combination is right for their games,” Snell said.

The MTB Black and Red balls will be available for preorder Jan. 15.