Short Game

How making these 2 key changes can fix your chipping, quickly

January 10, 2023


If you’re looking to improve your short game, there’s a simple place to start, says Sara Dickson. Dickson, who is on our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers list and is the Director of golf at Wilderness Country Club in Naples, Fla., says you should take a look at your setup.

“The biggest mistake I see people make is that they stick to their full-swing setup when they get closer to the green,” Dickson says. “What happens here is that I'm able to make too big of a backswing, causing me to decelerate on the way through.”

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2 quick setup fixes

The two key elements to change are the width of your stance and where you grip the club.

1. Set up with your feet one clubhead width apart. "From this setup, I'm not balanced enough to make a big swing," Dickson explains.

2. Move your hands towards the bottom of the grip, which will give you greater control over the club and help you make a shorter swing.

Thanks to these adjustments, you’ll see Dickson makes a swing that’s hip high going back and finishes hip high coming through. Taking the club back a shorter distance means you’ll be less likely to decelerate coming through, which will produce better contact.