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Rory McIlroy and Brandel Chamblee are in a Twitter feud (Again)

January 18, 2017

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Like the Masters being an unofficial start to spring each year, is a Rory McIlroy-Brandel Chamblee Twitter feud going to become an annual occurrence? Let's hope so.

A year ago, McIlroy didn't appreciate Chamblee's concerns that the four-time major champ was doing too much weightlifting. The NBC/Golf Channel analyst compared McIlroy to Tiger Woods and said the gym time could lead Rory down a "destructive path." McIlroy's response was to tweet this video of him lifting weights to Chamblee:

Point taken. But now McIlroy and Chamblee are arguing about something else on Twitter. Grab your popcorn.

On Tuesday, Chamblee alluded to McIlroy's latest injury, but that's not what these two got into it over. Chamblee tweeted several times about the optimal angle of attack when hitting driver. Chamblee argued that hitting down on the ball with the driver -- and not up, which is what most people are taught -- has produced the longest and straightest hitters off the tee. Here were a couple of those tweets.

(Chamblee has since taken that second tweet down, but it contained images of Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Jordan Spieth at impact.)

It's an interesting debate, but McIlroy, who hits up on the ball with his driver, wasn't buying it. First, he gave this response on Tuesday night, pointing out an error in Chamblee's tweet and sharing his own (incredible) TrackMan numbers:

And then on Wednesday morning, McIroy offered one more piece of advice supporting his claim:

Tough to argue with that.

UPDATE: Chamblee responded to Rory with this:

And around and around we go.