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October 14, 2014


It might seem like there are fewer opportunities these days to pound our chests and feel proud to be American, but when you're sipping a bourbon after a round of golf amid the rolling emerald hills and endless rows of horse paddocks around Lexington, well, color me red, white and Kentucky blue. The reason I'm going all Uncle Sam on you is that I recently returned from a pilgrimage of sorts. Because I love golf and bourbon, I visited the Lexington area where I could blend the two—like a master mixologist. The idea was to play golf in the morning and tour some of the area's bourbon distilleries in the afternoon. If you're thinking of doing the same, start at Griffin Gate Golf Club and stay at its adjacent hotel and spa. Rees Jones designed the very playable course, and the resort's location near several major highways allows you to zip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail ( 500 Internal Server Error

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