Report: Augusta National purchases more property

March 03, 2020

Augusta National

Augusta National has been active in acquiring neighboring real estate to expand the club's footprint. In the past few years alone the National has purchased a 28-acre strip mall, a Pep Boys and music store, and a part of Augusta Country Club for its various endeavors.

Add Wendy's to the list.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, Augusta National—through one of its limited liability companies—has spent over $6 million in recent weeks on real estate assets, including the fast-food chain Wendy's on Washington Road along with multiple homes located in Augusta's West Terrace neighborhood.

The eight properties total six acres, with the Wendy's giving the club almost complete autonomy over the southside of Washington Road between the club’s western parameters and the Berckmans Road-Alexander Drive intersection. According to the Chronicle, the only non-National Washington Road southside properties are an Olive Garden restaurant and Walgreens pharmacy.

Over the last two decades the club's property acquisitions have facilitated such additions as free parking for the Masters and the Global Broadcast Village, a state-of-the-art television and digital compound. The club is also expected to lengthen the iconic par-5 13th in the near future, with satellite imaging showing traces of a new tee box.

This year's Masters begins April 9.